• Temperature-controlled environments

Temperature Controlled

Perfect flooring for temperature-controlled environments

Our flooring systems have been developed to withstand a vast spectrum of extreme temperatures. Whether indoors or outdoors, our hard-wearing flooring solutions are able to endure extreme temperature ranges and thermal shock.

Contar Resins’ products therefore provide the perfect flooring for temperature-controlled environments including food refrigeration and freezer storage, food processing and preparation facilities, temperature-controlled warehouses and distribution centres, specialist industrial units, laboratories, research and development facilities and medical / pharmaceutical environments.

Our resin flooring is also resistant to chemicals, including strong alkalis and acids, providing additional durability in industrial settings.

As well as being able to cope with extreme cold and heat, our flooring systems also cure rapidly, enabling us to install large sections of flooring quickly and efficiently, resulting in minimal downtime for our clients. We appreciate that especially in locations that operate around the clock, any disruption has a direct impact on operations. Our expertly trained project managers evaluate each installation, providing a solution that enables your productivity to remain as unaffected as possible.

We also offer bespoke products able to withstand extreme temperatures thanks to our specialist coatings.  Please contact our Technical Sales Team for information regarding where these extreme temperatures can be accommodated.

Our advanced flooring systems include many other features suited to temperature-controlled environments including:

  • Tough and hard-wearing, designed to cope with a high volume of pedestrian traffic
  • Seamless and hygienic, enabling a thorough and easy clean
  • Designed for anti-slip
  • Section 12 approved
  • Sealed surface
  • Available in a wide range of colours and bespoke decorative finishes
  • Low-maintenance and easily repairable
  • Contar Resins direct installation available UK wide
  • Guaranteed for up to 20 years with extendable warranty options available

To find out more about specialist flooring systems or to arrange a site survey, contact our Technical Sales Team today.

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